Beech leaf noyau

beech leaf noyau

Beech leaf noyau

An exotic tasting aperitif for Christmas time. Drink it neat or on ice!

Beech leaves as well as beech nuts are edible and make a great addition to salads. Young, tender leaves are tastier so collect when young if possible.

Beech leaves were once used to treat rheumatism! Now it’s time to make your exotic aperitif!

How to make your Beech leaf noyau

Collect 400g beech leaves, place in a kilner jar and add a bottle, 700ml, gin

Leave to infuse for 3 weeks then strain the gin from the leaves.

Boil 225g sugar in 300ml water and leave to cool.

beech leaf noyau

Bottled beech leaf noyau

Mix the gin, sugary water with 200ml brandy, bottle and enjoy!






A few words of warning and rules:

  • Some plants and fungi are poisonous, so if you are not 100% certain that your identification is correct – DO NOT EAT IT.
  • Avoid foraging where agricultural sprays or vehicle pollution may have contaminated produce.
  • Always stay on Rights of Way unless you have the permission from the landowner to leave them.
  • Picking nuts, berries, leaves etc. is permitted on Rights of Way, but the uprooting of any wild plants is illegal without the landowner’s permission.

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