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With over 24 years experience of providing excellence in outdoor learning both in the UK and overseas, Nature’s Work has the right experience and knowledge to provide you with your specific educational and training needs. Our aim is to provide learning opportunities outside the classroom and to provide curriculum focused experiences for both teachers and students.

At Nature’s Work we pride ourselves at providing tailor made educational experiences from our base in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales. The region of North Wales has some of the country’s finest landscapes and has a diversity of environments that is hard to beat, anywhere in the world. Our teacher training packages and student learning opportunities focus on curricula needs and are expertly resourced to provide positive outdoor learning experiences. Our courses leave our clients with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

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Outdoor learning

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Creating habitats in the post-industrial landscape

We have been running educational workshops to schools across North Wales based on the principle of waste and restoring nature.

The legacy of industry and waste disposal is one of loss of nature and pollution of the natural environment. It has seen the degradation of land and soils and reduced biodiversity. Led by NRW in Partnership with Gwynedd and Ynys Mon County Councils, Wild Landfill is the Welsh Government’s Challenge Fund rewilding initiative restoring North Wales landfill sites into thriving, biodiverse, natural habitats. The project aims to begin the reversal of this trend incorporating all aspects of sustainable management of natural resources into its brief. Among the major themes of this project are to; increase biodiversity, provide water storage and flood protection, create wetlands, ponds, wildflower meadows and woodland.

Four brownfield waste landfill sites across Gwynedd and Ynys Mon will be regenerated into a mosaic of wildlife habitats which will not only be new homes for nature but will begin to store carbon. Initiatives include the  planting of more than 45,000 new trees and creating over 100 acres of new wildflower meadow.



Check out our lesson plans:

Key Stage 2 – The story of rubbish and restoring nature

Key Stage 3/4 – Create a habitat


Free stuff for kids

We’re offering free downloadable and printable activity sheets. These free worksheets for kids are specially designed to be used with packs of our wildflower playing cards.

Free worksheets for kids

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