What our clients say about us

Written testimonials from our clients showing their appreciation for the courses they attended with Nature’s Work.

Caroline Rhyner, July 2020 – Thank you very much for yesterday, it was most interesting and enjoyable. I am very impressed by your breadth and depth if knowledge!

Ann-Charlotte Lindberg, June 2020 – Thank you very much for a very interesting lecture yesterday evening on ZOOM. Lovely flowers and other plants!

Clare Kelly, June 2020 – I thought the online ZOOM was excellent – loved the quiz element. I thought it flowed really well – you can tell a lot of time went into the preparation.

Chris Muscutt, May 2020 – You were brilliant. In awe of your knowledge. Impeccable timing too!

David Fearnley, June 2020 – I thought that last night’s presentation was excellent, the best yet. It was really good showing the very similar plants, but one that likes calcium, and the other acidic.Your photo’s are excellent too. I have enjoyed all your presentations, and really like the extra information that you have, rather than just looking at ID features.

Daz Parkinson, March 2020What a fantastic day out with Jim. I took loads away from todays workshop looking at the nature of Snowdonia, including many species that we walk past every day and take for granted. Highly recommended.

Ben Ranson, March 2020 – I just wanted to email and say thanks for yesterday’s course – super good, very well run, and I learned loads. Thank you

Maurice Thomas, May 2018 – Jim is a superb tour guide with a wonderful knowledge of every aspect of our tours of Snowdonia and Angelsey. He has a wonderful personality and went out of his way to see that we had a wonderful experience. The two tours with him were every thing we had hope for and more. A private guide is the absolute best way to see North Wales. We plan to recommend him specifically to friends who are planning a trip to Wales. If there were 6 stars, we would not hesitate to give him the rating!

Kim Parry, April 2018 – A really valuable day, achieving exactly what I hoped it would, and a fair bit more. Having said that, I could do with spending a week with you really!

Etiennette, April 2018  – I wanted to thank you for the two excellent workshops you delivered. I thoroughly enjoyed them both. I was a little worried about Sunday as rocks are not my forte so it was great to look at the “bigger picture” both in terms of size and timescale.

Winky O’Neale, June 2017 – Thank you so much for such a great day, who could ask for more, wonderful flowers identified by Jim, superb scenery and company, perfect weather too. I really felt regret missing the second day but thought of you all making your way down to the meadows bursting with flowers.

Mal Thomas, June 2017 – It was a fantastic course, I’ve gone from zero to (almost) hero, I’ve even spotted a birdsfoot trefoil on the grass outside of camp

Joan Williams, May 2017 – You have a special place in our hearts  and our memories of both Wales and the Lake District are enriched because of you.

Eric Williams, May 2017 – I would like to add to Joanie’s comments below and thank you for guiding us so successfully, and helping us reach goals that without your efforts, would not have been obtained. You have a rare personal skill to make people comfortable in physically challenging situations. I certainly would not have made the top of Scalfel Pike without your assistance. Thank you for helping me manage the mental, as well as the physical effort. My only regret is that we couldn’t see anything at the summit!

Allan Jones, April 2017 – Probably the best tour we’ve done with TBL. Jim was really great with my 12 and 14 yr old sons, excellent mix of nature, natural history, science, and the history of the area. An extraordinary and memorable day!

Dina Krejer, Oct 2016 – Thank-you again for a truly memorable tour.  Mark, the boys and I all agreed it was the highlight of our entire trip!  All I keep telling our friends is how beautiful it is in Northwest Wales.  We all had a fantastic time hiking to the waterfalls and scrambling over the rocks.  You made the tour interesting and a lot of fun. I appreciated how you engaged the boys in conversation and gave them some information on geology. Again thank-you…..it is a trip we will never forget!

Tim Houldey, Oct 2016 – Thanks for the time and knowledge you imparted in the run up to my MIA assessment, it proved invaluable and assisted in me getting a clean pass on the assessment.

Carlo Forte, April 2016 – On behalf of the (Plas-y-brenin, National Mountain Centre) team thanks very much for your input yesterday. They were all very appreciative of your experience and knowledge and the way in which you put this across. They have also commented on how useful the ideas and methods for engaging people in the subject area were, and we have already discussed ways in which we can implement these on the courses.

Sandy Luthe-Hughes, April 2016 – The course was excellent and informative. Jim is a very experience and knowledgeable mountain leader with exceptional interpersonal skills. He makes sure every individual in the group is getting the most out of the experience and makes sure everyone is save. Who knew what you can find out by just looking at a map. I learned a lot before even getting out in to nature thanks to an enlightening de-brief. Jim knows the areas well and showed us beautiful and unexplored areas of Snowdonia. I would highly recommend Nature’s work.

Shaun Owen, April 2016 – I was surprised to find how much I learnt on this fascinating course. Although I hike and climb regularly I had never learnt how to navigate properly. Jim’s patient tuition had the group quickly up to speed on useful techniques with the use of a map and compass. Excellent course, thanks Jim.

Matt Dawson, April 2016 – An enjoyable day lead by Jim in the mountains of Snowdonia. Throughout Jim ensured the right level of information was communicated to us so we could learn effectively. Jim encouraged questions throughout the day and always had time to explain complex topics in a way that we could understand. Nature’s work makes the learning process easier by an approachable manner and physically getting into the environment. Thank you.

Anon, April 2016 – Jim has a fantastic knowledge of the outdoor environment and delivers this in a passionate and informative way. He is intuitive to the customer’s demands and tailors his delivery accordingly.

Dave Martucci, June 2015 – Really enjoyed the whole weekend and I was so impressed with your encyclopaedic knowledge of all the plants, trees and rocks we looked at. It was something that has really inspired me to find out so much more about what we just randomly take for granted and walk past without a second look.

Margaret Brown, May 2015 – Just wanted to say I really enjoyed it on the 23rd – it was so good to be out with someone who enjoys the plants!!!

Toni White, October 2014 – Thanks for a great day out, we learnt  a lot and it was very good value.

Anita Heap, August 2014 – We had the loveliest day under your direction!!!  Thanks again for making Northern Wales so lovely. You are really versatile and you adjusted the day perfectly for our needs.  So grateful for the attention you gave Nigel making the day so pleasant for all of us!! Thanks so very very much for such a great day!!

Dan Downes, June 2014 – I just wanted to say that I passed my ML last week. I’m really grateful for the Mountain Environment course I did in April. You made me realise the (large) gaps in my knowledge, so I used the plants we saw on that day out as the basis for some serious swotting. By the time of the Mountain Leader assessment my feedback included that I had ‘extensive’ knowledge!

Marion Sinclair, March 2014 – Jim……what a superb day. It was practical, educational, interactive and lots of fun!!!! I now have a load of easily transferable ideas/activities I could share with my colleagues at school. I know the children will really enjoy them!! Many many thanks for your knowledge, patience and good humour!! We will be in touch with you for further courses / in-service etc.

Linda Sawyer, March 2014 – One of the most inspiring and informative courses I’ve been on in a long time. Thank you… My class will be well impressed when I use your ideas.

Simon, Sept 2013 – I just wanted to let you know that I have just passed my ML(s) and I was complimented on my environmental knowledge. This is is no small way due to the excellent info provided on your course and I just wanted to say thank you.

Ian, Sept 2013 – I so much admire your ability – with people and the environment – and your knowledge and appreciation of all that surrounds you. This was truly the top! Thanks for everything.

Ebie, Sept 2013 – We are so overwhelmed, we don’t know what to say! You are a marvellous guide. Thank you for everything you put into making us love Wales!

Joan, Sept 2013 – Your leadership and guidance plus gentle persuasion pushed me and I am very grateful! Especially after thinking that three years ago I would not have been able to do this.

Rick, Sept 2013 – Many thanks for far exceeding my expectations! Your passion for all things Welsh is contagious, your skill in managing our trip simply wonderful. I hope to get back to Wales and do it all again, but if not, I wish you well in all your future endeavours.

Richard Robson, March 2013 – A great day on Saturday! Lots of useful ideas to take away. I will definitely do further workshops.

Peak Walking Adventures, March 2013 –  A fabulous day on Saturday. Written about it and posted photos onto the Countryside Blog.

Jack Radice, March 2013 – Along the way, Jim treated us to sloe gin and rose hip syrup which he makes himself and he has links to various recipes from foraged foods on his Facebook page. JaksTrips

Peter Judd, May 2012 – Brilliant course in Cwm Idwal the other week, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it! We were out walking in the Peak on Saturday and I certainly found myself noticing more around me, especially the grasses and sedges, than previously! Glynis and I are hoping you’ll maybe still be offering woodland and moorland days next year as we think we might like to join you for something like that next time.

Julia Hinds, November 2011 – Very clear instructors and a clear instructor. Very helpful and my group felt at ease with him.

Mark Williams, Head of Hollowford Outdoor Centre, Nov 2011 – Thank you for supporting the Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres annual conference.  Your workshops exceeded our expectations and demonstrated the added excitement and learning opportunities when you include some environmental interpretation into normal outdoor activity sessions such as rock climbing or canoeing.

Andy Hall, Outdoor Adventure Consultant, Nov 2011 – Thanks for your session last night, very enjoyable and I learnt loads!

Andy Mcfadden, Geography teacher, Alsager School, Oct 2011 – The students loved the fieldtrip. They really enjoyed getting out and sharing your expert knowledge.

Jo Solomon, Head of Chemistry, Bury Grammar School, Oct 2011 – Thanks for contributing your environmental surveys during our Enviro-week. Many teachers have said how impressed they have been. I hope you can work with us again.

Meg Sutcliffe, Director, International School Rheintal, Sept 2011 – Thanks again for coming out and working with our students in Switzerland. They seemed to have gain a lot from theexperience.”

Nic Cole, Sept 2011 – I had a superb session, walking with Jim was like walking with an ‘Observer’ book. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Kathy Webb – Aug 2011 – I thoroughly enjoyed the day and will certainly be trying to progress my knowledge in the future.

Jonny and Chloe – May 2011 – Hi Jim, thank you very much for an excellent course today, Chloe and I learnt a huge amount. It’s fantastic to learn so much about flowers, plants, mosses, the geology which effects plants, heathers and so much more. Thanks again.

Sue Manns – May 2011 – Jim was great, really interesting and knew just how to pitch the day. I would recommend this course to others.

Caroline Bateson – May 2011 – It was fantastic to see the tufted saxifrage and I felt you created a very relaxed and comfortable way of learning and sharing information through the various exercises. I thought your laminated plant cards were excellent too, a great way of learning ID and interesting information about the various plants

Gjermund Glesnes, VG newspaper, Norway – April 2011 – Thanks for a fantastic trip around Snowdonia! It was great fun, and should be equally good in the paper.

Feedback from delegate at the Festival of Outdoor Learning – Hollowford Centre, Hope valley – March 2011 –  As participants, we undertook a whole series of activities that Jim runs with young people and then talked about how we can used them to broaden their views on “nature.  Fascinating for me, both for the knowledge imparted and to see an area of outdoor learning I have never been in involved in. Jim has a great depth of knowledge and a knack for making that knowledge successful.

Ed Marvin, May 2010 – Many thanks for a fascinating day.

Elaine Hibbs, March 2010 – I have tried out several of your ideas since the workshop the students got a lot out of them and were a big hit with the teacher.

Ted Tombling, April 2010 – Thank you, Jim, for a very interesting day. I got what I was expecting but really enjoyed the way you presented the day.

Teacher after running an OPAL workshop, March 2010 – Jim, thanks so much for your expertise and enthusiasm last Thursday; the kids and staff really enjoyed it and it is good for the students to have a ‘cool’ role model when it comes to Environmental Science. Hopefully we can do more work with you in the future.

Kate O’Brien, Instructor at Outward Bound, March 2010 – Just a quick note to say how much i enjoyed your workshop at the outdoor festival last weekend. It gaves me lots of new ideas for activities to encourage enjoyable learning/environmental discovery as part of a mountain day, or forest walk.

Judy Rogers, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, March 2010 – Many thanks for your input over the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed your session and would have loved to spend the whole weekend doing environmental interpretation instead of just the one session. You are inspiring, knowledgeable, and fun. Many thanks.

Feedback from Environmental workshop at the IOL Wales annual conference – Plas-y-Brenin, Nov 2009 – Excellent session, very useful to add new ideas to the toolbox. Great delivery and resources, set just right for the group.” “A motivating and inspirational experience – good idea activities.” “Thought provoking, new stuff to try….

Feedback from an Environmental Awareness Workshop with Outlook Expeditions, Oct 2009 – Invaluable preparation for my Mountain Instructor Award Assessment.” “Jim presented things really well. I will take away his learning methods too.” “Excellent, would love more opportunity to develop this side of my learning and knowledge.

Feedback from Snowdonia Walking Festival, Oct 2009 – Just wanted to say a big thank you for giving your time today and sharing your knowledge and wisdom. You brought the walk to life.

Wendy Ferguson, Jan 2009 – The two day course…. was a perfect follow on from the ML award. I feel I’ve got much more knowledge and understanding of the subject and lots of ideas as to where to get more information. Your enthusiasm and clear explanations really made things easy to follow. It was a really interesting and relaxing weekend.

Bill Lewis, Feb 2009 – Just thought I would let you know that the enviroment course you delivered over a weekend was excellent. It was spot on for the layman and mountain leader. Masses of info on both days delivered in a friendly and informative way. A good value course.

Ruth Elliot, March 2009 – Just thought I’d let you know I’ve managed to arrange year 7 and year 10 little ecology investigations so far. All really positive feedback from the teachers and pupils as well. Thanks for the confidence to do them.

Karin White, Feb 2009 – I really enjoyed the course you made everything so easy to understand – I wish that School had been so enjoyable 30 years ago.

Feedback from delegates at the MLTA annual conference held at Plas-y-Brenin, Nov 2008 – Excellent but could easily be a 2 day workshop. I had hoped for more delivered information about flora and fauna. What was covered was excellent. The guys obviously had a lot more to give. Some superb handouts.

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