Hawthorn brandy

Hawthorn brandy

Hawthorn brandy will be ready for Xmas

Brandy seems to have been the preferred medium for tincturing hawthorn. The method of production is similar to any other tinctures. If you would like to produce a medicinal quality tincture go to Michael Moore’s website where there is a list of alcohol quantities and strengths for each kind of herb.

How to make Hawthorn brandy

375ml brandy

225g haws

125g sugar

  • Clean the haws and dry them
  • Add haws and sugar to a sterilised jar
  • Pour in the brandy and shake vigorously
  • Keep warm and shake daily for 1 week
  • Shake weekly for 2 months
  • Decant liquid into sterilised bottles and enjoy


A few words of warning and rules:

  • Some plants and fungi are poisonous, so if you are not 100% certain that your identification is correct – DO NOT EAT IT.
  • Avoid foraging where agricultural sprays or vehicle pollution may have contaminated produce.
  • Always stay on Rights of Way unless you have the permission from the landowner to leave them.
  • Picking nuts, berries, leaves etc. is permitted on Rights of Way, but the uprooting of any wild plants is illegal without the landowner’s permission.

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