Arctic alpine flowers in Snowdonia

There are a few remaining, relict communities of arctic alpine flowers in Snowdonia. These were seen on a Nature’s Work mountain flowers course. A group of interested individuals investigated the plants of the mountain environment and were treated to a blast of diversty and colour on reaching the relict community found at Clogwyn Du’r Arddu on Snowdon. These plants are evidence of our cloder, glacial past when they would have been abundant as the glaciers retreated. Today they represent an insight to the colder climates that existed 10,000 years ago. Plants seen were Northern rockcress, Alpine chickweed, Snowdon lily, Mossy saxifrage, Moss campion, roseroot, Alpine meadow rue, Green spleenwort, Thrift, Purple saxifrage, Starry saxifrage, Butterwort and Brittle bladder fern.

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A selection of arctic alpine flowers in Snowdonia are below

Flowers of Snowdoniaarctic alpine flowers in Snowdoniaarctic alpine flowers in Snowdoniaarctic alpine flowers in Snowdoniaarctic alpine flowers in Snowdonia













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