Norway spruce – Picea abies

The needles spread out around the shoot but sometimes leave a central parting on either the upper or lower side. The peg-like bases are characteristic. The cones taper at both ends and hang downwards from the twigs. The cone scales have blunt and often slightly ragged tips.

This tree has been famous since 1841 when Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, introduced an old German custom of decorating a spruce tree with lights. Since then the Norway spruce has been a cornerstone of christmas tradition across Europe.

Spruce Hot Toddy

Spruce hot toddy

Spruce hot toddy

1 litre water
1 twig Norway spruce
Star anise
Black pepper

Here’s how to do it

Throw all the ingredients into a pan. Bring to the boil for 15 minutes for the flavours to infuse. Add the brandy at the end, drink and enjoy.

Did you know

The most famous use of the Norway spruce is as the traditional christmas tree. It is also a very commonly grown tree for wood or wood pulp (which could be used to make paper for example).

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