Environmental Learning Cards

A fantastic curriculum related resource to support teaching beyond the classroom

The long awaited Environmental Learning Cards produced by the Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel (OEAP) were launched in spring 2012. These cards have been developed out of the successful Outdoor Learning cards produced by the OEAP in 2009 and provide a practical and easy to follow series of activities that are designed to engage young people in environmental learning. The aim of the Cards is to provide teachers, youth workers and outdoor professionals with a series of easy to follow environmental activities that can be undertaken around or close to the school, centre or other outdoor setting. All the activities could be undertaken in their own right, however, they will often work best when further adapted and extend to suit specific needs. There is guidance in each Card in support of this.

In terms of content there are four themes:


These Cards encourage young people to experience the natural environment using a range of senses and to look at some of its component parts.


Following on from first steps into the Environment comes the desire to explore it further and understand the many relationships that makes it what it is.


In developing an understanding of the Environment young people are encouraged to look at their impact on it and to develop a sense of stewardship in their long-term relationship with it.


Appreciating our time in the natural environment and expressing how we feel towards the natural environment is the focus of the final set of Cards.

These four themes cover a total of 26 activities including Plant discovery, Literature in the environment, Measuring trees, Geology and buildings, Solar kettle, Bee friendly, Minibeast models and Fire making.

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