Responsible Tourism

At Nature’s Work we are passionate about the world around us. Our programmes are developed to promote environmental awareness and understanding. We consider the environment not just to mean the physical world but also the cultural and economic environments that we share with nature. We believe that experience promotes awareness and this in turn promotes informed decisions and actions. We want to ensure that our programmes make a positive difference to each individual whilst limiting the impacts we have on the world around us.

Welsh Culture

Based in north Wales we are immersed in a rich culture with a distinctive and colourful history and special way of life. The traditions, language and community life are promoted through our programmes and participants are encouraged to learn about and respect the cultural diversity that exists in Wales.Nature’s Work considers our programmes to fall into the category of Responsible Tourism.

Responsible Tourism Concept

Responsible tourism is a relatively new concept; its aims are the same as that of sustainable development whose aims balance the needs of humans with the protection of the natural environment. The three aspects of sustainable development are social, economic and environmental aspects. Responsible Tourism, according to Harold Goodwin, Professor of Responsible Tourism at The International Centre for Responsible Tourism, is “The first step on a long road towards a better form of tourism”.

Responsible tourism in North Wales

Nature’s Work are working closely with, and developing links with other organisations who take a definite stand with, and promote Responsible Tourism. These are namely Celticos Holidays and Outlook Expeditions.

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