Environmental workshops in 2022

To find a suitable training course take a look through the course calendar below. There are a variety of courses available which reflects the breadth of interests people have in the natural world. Have a look through and select the one most suited to your training requirements and interest. A detailed description of each course can be found on the course overview page

Private workshops can be booked directly here

Date Course Region Cost
9 April The Mountain Environment Snowdonia FULL
10 April Glaciation of Snowdonia Snowdonia FULL
28 May The Mountain Environment Snowdonia £50
29 May Arctic-alpine flowers of Snowdonia Snowdonia FULL
30 May Glaciation of Snowdonia Snowdonia £50
11 June Arctic-alpine flowers of Snowdonia Snowdonia £50
25 June The Mountain Environment Snowdonia £50
26 June Arctic-alpine flowers of Snowdonia Snowdonia £50
25 July Flowers of the Alps Switzerland £80
24 Sept The Mountain Environment Snowdonia £50
25 Sept Glaciation of Snowdonia Snowdonia £50
8 Oct The Mountain Environment Snowdonia £50
9 Oct Glaciation of Snowdonia Snowdonia £50

Bespoke training courses

However if you, a group of colleagues or outdoor instructing staff require a bespoke training course these are always available. At Nature’s Work we are happy to travel to your centre or region to run training courses and have experience of running training sessions across the UK.

Please contact the office for further details

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