Daisy – Bellis perennis

Perhaps the best known of all flowers but equally the least respected. Its age-old name is the ‘day’s eye’ as it opens with the morning sunlight. Its old name bruisewort is still apt and its ancient use was as a wound herb. Its use is similar to the much-used Arnica which is found across central Europe.

Daisy first aid remedy

Daisy remedy

Daisy first aid remedy

Daisy is an excellent first aid remedy for bruises, sprains, cuts, grazes and wounds. It is simple to use.

Here’s how to do it:

Bruise the flower in boiling water and apply directly to the skin. Alternatively boil the daisies for a few minutes, scoop them up and apply in a cloth to the affected area. Why now run a deep bath after a long day on the hill and add a few Daisy flowers to sooth aching muscles!

Did you know

The daisy family, known to scientists as Compositae, was classified in 1792 by Paul Dietrich Giseke, a German botanist and close friend of the Swedish “father of modern taxonomy” Carl Linnaeus.

Daisies represents purity and innocence.

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