Capture Snowdonia – Landscape & Nature Photography

This is a blended non-residential photography and nature weekend focused on learning through outdoor-based experiences.The course has been researched and planned to ensure you have the best opportunities for learning about nature and the environment whilst improving your photographic techniques, composition and creating beautiful images.

This two-day course allows you to focus your time on photography, nature and to socialise within a small group whilst visiting the best locations in the area.

  1. Practical location-based tuition

Workshops provide hands-on, practical tuition in real-life conditions. You will learn how to navigate various lighting and weather scenarios, compose compelling shots, and overcome challenges specific to landscape photography. With personalised guidance, you can receive tailored instruction based on your level of expertise and individual goals.

  1. Immersive learning experience

By joining this workshop, you’ll benefit from a collaborative approach to explore, experience and capture the wild nature of Snowdonia through an immersive learning experience. You will develop your identification skills, learn how to connect geology to wildlife and landscapes and identify the major influences upon the landscape.

  1. Expert guidance

With photographic and wildlife professional guides this workshop offers valuable insights, tips, and techniques to elevate your skills in many ways including developing mountain skills. You will develop and refine your photographic skills in composition, master camera settings, and also develop your understanding of the natural world.

  1. Well-planned itinerary

This workshop is well researched to maximise your time at each location. We carefully select the most picturesque locations to ensure you have ample opportunities to capture stunning images. You’ll be guided through the best times and locations for optimal lighting conditions and unforgettable photographic experiences from sunrise to sunset.

  1. Get inspired

Joining a workshop allows you to connect with fellow photographers who share your passion and enthusiasm. The opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, and collaborate can be invaluable in expanding your creative horizons. The supportive environment nurtures personal and professional growth, fostering lifelong friendships and inspiring new artistic perspectives.

Who we are:

Andy Teasdale

Andy lives on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales.

Since childhood he has enjoyed the outdoors and photography. Andy works as well as an International Mountain Guide, spending a lot of time in the mountains of Snowdonia and the European Alps. Never far from a camera he has fine tuned his opportunistic and passionate approach to photography when climbing or skiing. When not at work in the mountains, he is often out and about with a camera and tripod, enjoying a more planned approach to his photography. His main interests are landscapes and nature, especially birds.

Jim Langley

Jim is an outdoor educator living in Snowdonia with over 25 years experience and is passionate about training people about the environment. He runs a business called Nature’s Work and provides specialised workshops which offer CPD for Mountain Training award holders. He also runs training courses for teachers in outdoor learning and communicating science as a STEM ambassador. He has been fortunate to be able to link his passion for teaching about the natural world with his love for nature and to be able to share this with like minded people.He holds the International Mountain Leader award and is an author having published a book on alpine flowers and geology called The Alps Рa natural companion.

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