Welsh Language Policy


We are committed to treating Welsh and English on the basis of equality, so far as we are reasonably able to do so. We will ensure that we make constant progress towards achieving this ambition, and this Welsh Language Policy sets out our current commitments in relation to using the medium of Welsh.

Company’s functions & linguistic commitment

Please direct any comments or complaints about this policy to: Jim Langley jim@natureswork.co.uk

Company Brand

Our company brand is in English only


Our stationery is in English only

Business Cards

Our business cards are in English


Our main website is in English with the option of reading some key pages in Welsh (translated through an online translation service)

Advertising and Marketing

Our display advertisements are in English only

Printed Publications

Our printed publicity is in English only

Customer Language Choice

We record the language choice of all our customers and will endeavour to provide a comprehensive service in that preferred language.

Face-to-Face Communication

We ensure that the Welsh language is used appropriately and encouraged at all times when working with Welsh groups and individuals

Telephone Communication

We welcome the use of Welsh when receiving calls by staff able to do but appreciate that our knowledge and skill in speaking welsh is limited.


All of our correspondence is in English. We accept correspondence in Welsh or English

Account documents

Our account documents are in English only

Developing Language Skills

We arrange and/or provide relevant training for staff who want to improve their Welsh language skills when the role requires it

Internal Communication

Our internal meetings are in English only.

We will support and facilitate the use of Welsh and English in the workplace.


This policy will be conveniently available for the public to read on our website and we will email a copy to customers upon request.


We will assess and revise this policy every year

Jim Langley

Director of Nature’s Work

Dated: 23 March 2011

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