Blackberry – Rubus fruticosa

The blackberry, sometimes known by its old Germanic name ‘bramble’ (from Brom – thorny shrub) is an edible fruit in the rose family. An infusion of the leaves eases a sore throat!

Blackberry fruit leather


Blackberry fruit leather

A dehydrator is useful for this as it controls the temperature at 60.C and allows a good air flow. If drying in the oven it is important not to cook / bake the fruit and to keep the door slightly ajar to allow the moisture to escape and the air to flow. The cooker has to be on its lowest setting too. Be aware that it can take upto 12 hours to dehydrate the fruit puree!

Here’s how to do it:

Gather a large quantity of berries, leave on a tray to allow the insects to escape. Place in a colander and add a sprinkle of salt and place this in a bowl of water. This will bring any remaining insects to the surface.

Once clean blend the fruit and sieve to remove the seeds. Collect the puree then spread about 3mm thick on a dehydrator sheet or greaseproof paper. Dry thoroughly and store in an air-tight jar.

it is essential to dehydrate the puree completely or it will go mouldy. Cut the leather into strips and roll up or into squares.

Did you know:

Some people believe that when Satan was cast out of heaven, he landed in a prickly bramble bush! For this reason, in some English counties, the bramble fruits are not picked after St. Michael’s Day (29 Sept) because the devil curses them!

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