About Nature’s Work

Nature’s work is directed by Jim Langley and provides guided wildlife walks, educational training events and skills courses to individuals and groups.

Jim Langley holds the Mountain Leader Summer and John Muir Leader qualifications. He has been involved with the outdoors since a young age and in 2008 achieved a masters degree in conservation and land management. As a team member Jim plays an active role with the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation which he joined in 2006. This sparked an interest in training people in First Aid. He became a First Aid Trainer with ITC in 2010 and is currently developing this aspect of his business

Jim has developed a broad wealth of experience leading groups in the outdoors not only in environmental education but also as an expedition leader. He has led expeditions to East Africa, Mongolia, China and Borneo he has also travelled with work to Venezuela in South America.

Candida Hillman has over a decade of classroom teaching experience a former head of science and science consultant. Candida incorporated access to the biological environment for both key stage 3 and key stage 4 students by designing fieldwork opportunities throughout the biology schemes of work to develop the same keen explorative relationship she has always enjoyed with her students. Her Masters degree in Tropical Hydrobiology and fisheries involved extensive sampling of both the aquatic and terrestrial environments in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique and recreational exploration of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia.

Paul Gannon is author of the widely praised hillwalkers’ guides to geology and scenery, Rock Trails Snowdonia, Lakeland and Peak District. He is a mountain leader and runs geology walks in Snowdonia. His practical field courses are specifically aimed at mountain leaders, youth leaders and teachers who want to expand their knowledge of mountain landscapes. Pauls passion is to introduce you to the basic concepts of modern geology such as plate tectonics, volcanoes and their role in creating the scenery of Snowdonia.

Charlie Whewell is employed as a freelance First Aid Trainer. He has a degree in Environmental Science in Bristol and has lived and worked in the outdoors ever since. He completed his PGCE in Geography at Newcastle University in 2002 and became a First Aid Trainer with ITC in 2004. His specialism in teaching Sports, Outdoor and Paediatric First Aid courses is an asset to the Nature’s Work team. He is able to offer training in these disciplines through his website Blueprint First Aid.



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